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13/04/14 13 April, 2014 0 notes

I take hundreds of screenshots every week, my desktop is littered with them. While largely, when they’re used to illustrate points in a presentation, the automatic drop shadow that’s added looks nice, but on occasion, you don’t want them. Use this really simple terminal command to remove the drop shadow in those instances. And now, back to Sunday.

12/03/14 12 March, 2014 0 notes


Food Edi­tor

Brisket, doing its thing in the cook­er for 16 hours. The first time Aaron Franklin want­ed to cook brisket, he launched his dial-up Inter­net ser­vice, went to the AskJeeves home page (no …

A great little story. I’ve thought about doing something similar for a long time. Maybe it’s the point where I should do something about it - Talk minus Action equals Shit after all. Hmm.

4/02/14 4 February, 2014 0 notes

I’m something of a sucker for a post about a real world item, such as a ticket stub, being redesigned into new hipster clothes. And this ranks up with one of the better posts. The thing is, all it really does is highlight how wholly unnecessary tickets actually are. It would be nice to see e-tickets used more, and services such as Passbook should enable this to happen.

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